Happy Birthday Yogi Bhajan !

One who loves, loves all not the one. When you love, all the one loves you because you are the one. Learn to love and love has no territory. Who has territory has not learned love because how can unlimited become limited. Love is God my dear, God is love and God and love cannot be separated. With love you find God. And how can you be limited and be God. Because God is unlimited. But in our limited life, with our jealousies and insecurity we want we to be loved alone and none else. We want to be respected alone, and none else. Only those shall be respected who respect all. Those shall be loved who love all. Those shall be given who give all. Those will have the share who share with all. 
Yogi Bhajan 09.07.1979

Wer ist Yogi Bhajan? Lese über sein Leben, seine Geschichten, seine Lehren und über die Methoden des Kundalini Yoga, die so viele Menschen verändert haben.


On this day the lord gave you life,
may we use it to serve you.
All our loving prayers will be with you
may you never forget him


May the long time sun shine upon you
All love surround you
And the pure light within you
Guide your way on


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